• August 5, 2022

Yoga: is it good for the body, mind and spirit?

Yoga is a gentle set of universal self-improvement exercises that enrich the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner. The birthplace of yoga may be India, however, it is for everyone regardless of religion, gender, income, nationality, language, age, politics, or educational level.

Yoga is based on exercise, breathing, strengthening, meditation, relaxation and the renewal of the total being of the practitioner. It’s hard to describe, easy to notice, and best experienced. You don’t have to be sick to enjoy the fruits of Yoga. The benefits manifest minutes and hours and days and weeks after each exercise. Like any exercise, it’s wise to learn from a professional and practice it regularly to maximize the benefits.

People who practice yoga are called yogis. Yoga is for everyone who wants a better life. It is an ancient practice that provides harmonious relief for many ailments of the body, mind and spirit, according to experts. Yoga sets you free due to its non-competitive nature. Ann Pizar of About.com stated, “One of the hardest, but ultimately most liberating things about yoga is letting go of the ego and accepting that no one is better than anyone else. Everyone is just doing [one’s] best on any given day”

Learning to breathe correctly is a central tenet of yoga. Read my well-received article Breathing Fresh Air, Literally: Take a Deep Breath, It’s Good for You

All nationalities can benefit from yoga. It’s fun. “No pain, no gain” is not his mantra. You don’t need to push yourself (as you would in other forms of exercise) to achieve success in yoga. In fact, every good yoga teacher discourages painful movements. You are constantly reminded to let your inner wisdom be your guide.

“Yoga dates back more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life, and greater self-understanding gave rise to this system of physical and mental exercise that has since spread throughout the world. the world,” according to the American Yoga Association (AYA).

A 2008 Yoga in America study showed that doctors and therapists recommended yoga to 14 million of their patients. If America’s medical professionals with their vast resources are discovering and prescribing yoga, nations with our poor medical system should explore and adopt yoga as a preventive, treatment and cure measure.

Famous American doctors Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and others practice and recommend Yoga to healthy people as well as patients with back pain, arthritis, depression and heart disease. Major medical hospitals and schools are promoting yoga as a general wellness program. Check with your doctor before participating in any exercise program!

Yoga is not a religion. It has no “us vs. them” creed, mystery, image, or figure to worship. Everyone can share. It is said to have been practiced for as long as any religion. Politicians and religious leaders can better serve their constituents and congregations by promoting yoga. Perhaps these would learn that earned wealth and fame cannot buy lasting happiness. Religious services should begin and/or end with a few yoga moves in a three-for-one healing of body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps this provides common ground and eases the vicious sectarian tension between the various political camps, religions, and denominations.

How to get started with yoga:

Yoga can be practiced virtually anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or lengthy training and education. Come as you are; just have an open and passionate mind. Once you begin to learn and reap the benefits of yoga, teach your beginner steps to others; don’t wait until you become a competent yogi. That is what I am doing throughout this article; I ask that you do the same over the phone, text, email, verbal, etc. Spread the word and help others.

Learning yoga is easy and fun: thanks to the Internet, you can type “yoga” into your search engine and learn a lot. Go one step further by going to YouTube.com and watching and practicing yoga poses for free. If you really want to increase your reward, learn from an instructor in person. I go to yoga classes, although not as often as I should. I often practice it with my family. And each time it is a delightful experience. The best results can be achieved with live yoga classes taught by experienced teachers.

Few business owners can form a reputable national professional association to provide yoga services and teacher certification. The program can be franchised to help individuals and provide needed employment in the country. The association can work with institutions, such as hospitals, banks, academic, government and religious organizations to promote total wellness. With so much stress in today’s world, people will always need the relief that yoga provides so well.

One can buy yoga CDs or DVDs to learn and practice in the privacy of one’s home.

Start with our basic yoga pose sequences and/or these simple poses: Seated Twist, Cat, Dog, Downward Facing Dog, Child, Cobra, Mountain, Triangle, Forward Bend, according to Timothy Burgin of Yoga Basics.

Namaste! Let yoga exercise your body, mind and spirit.

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