• July 17, 2023

What factors do I need to consider before renting in Edinburgh?

“Check-in Time

Firstly, students must know when their current contract expires and find a new house with a check-in time that can be connected. For example, if your current contract expires at the end of June, then you need to find a house that can be checked in by mid-June or the end of June.

If the house you find can only be checked in from July, then it is not suitable for you because where will you live during that period?


When renting a student accommodation in Edinburgh must ask what fees are included in the rent. Some houses include miscellaneous fees such as water, electricity, and internet in the rent, while others do not and require tenants to pay for them separately.

However, generally, when renting a house alone, the rent does not include miscellaneous fees. In addition, tenants must pay local government taxes (Council Tax) themselves. But, if you are a student, as long as you apply for a student certificate from your school and send it to the local government, you can be exempt from taxes.

Note that the tax exemption period is the same as the time on your student certificate.

For renting a whole house in the UK, if you do not work or your annual salary has not reached a certain amount, the agent or landlord may require you to provide a rent guarantor. The purpose is to protect the landlord’s interests if you cannot pay the rent. If you cannot pay, your guarantor can help you pay.

There are also requirements for guarantors. This person must work in the UK and have an annual salary that reaches a certain amount. If students cannot provide a guarantor, it does not matter. Most agents or landlords will accept you to pay the rent in advance as a guarantee, usually starting from six months’ rent.

The most important thing is that before looking for a house, everyone must first calculate how much rent they can afford and set a range for themselves. This way, you can find a house more accurately, and if you are looking for an agent, they can recommend a suitable house for you.

Safety Check

Before renting a house, you should confirm with the agent or landlord whether all electrical appliances in the house have been tested (Portable Appliance Testing). You should request to see the testing certificate as confirmation.

In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the house has smoke alarms or burglar alarms installed. If the landlord provides furniture, you should check whether the furniture meets the latest fire safety regulations in the UK.

House Inspection

Before renting a house, you should check whether the interior of the house is in good condition, whether there are any signs of dampness or peeling paint, and whether there is central heating equipment. Because the winter in the UK is still quite cold, it is necessary to check whether the heating is working properly. Many international students have to buy electric heaters because their heating is broken or not warm enough in winter.

In addition, check whether all furniture and electrical appliances in the house can be used normally.

Are there any signs of water leakage in the shower or faucet in the bathroom? If you find these things broken after you move in, if you encounter a bad landlord, they may ask you to compensate or deduct it from your deposit. Remember to check everything before moving in and ask the landlord to repair the broken things before you move in. You may wonder how to check all these things without experience?

Student accommodation serves as a crucial component of the college experience, providing a supportive and comfortable living environment for academic success and personal growth. By considering factors such as location, comfort, safety, and support services, accommodations can create an ideal home away from home. Whether on-campus or off-campus, student accommodations play a vital role in fostering a conducive environment for learning, social interaction, and personal development. Investing in high-quality student accommodation ensures that students can focus on their studies, thrive academically, and make the most of their educational journey.

Don’t worry, if you rent a house from a regular agent, they will provide an Inventory Report service, which is a report on the inventory of household items. There will be a specialist to help you check. This report is very important and can prevent the landlord from deducting rent when you move out in the future.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in the overall college experience, providing students with a comfortable and supportive living environment during their educational journey. It serves as a home away from home, offering a range of amenities and services tailored to meet the unique needs of students. In this article, we will explore the importance of student accommodation and discuss various aspects that contribute to creating an ideal living space for students.


When Edinburgh student accommodation, tenants are required to provide a deposit, but this deposit is not for the agent or landlord to hold. UK law stipulates that all tenants’ deposits must be placed in a deposit protection scheme. Many international students cannot get their deposit back when they move out, so everyone must understand the relevant laws and regulations regarding deposits.”

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