• January 24, 2023

How to Register a Professional Corporation (“PA”) in Florida

If you are operating, or planning to operate, a professional service in Florida, then you should consider doing so as a professional corporation. This entity is a type of corporation that is organized to provide a specifically designated professional service. Examples of services provided by a professional corporation, just to name a few, are certified public accountants, chiropractors, medical doctors, architects, attorneys, and life insurance agents. These types of professional services, as noted above, may operate through the vehicle of a professional corporation in Florida. You should be aware that a professional corporation is also known as a “PA” or professional association.

To form a professional corporation in Florida, you must take the following steps:

– The first step is to prepare articles of incorporation and file the articles with the State of Florida. Articles of incorporation must indicate the name of the entity, the address of the corporation, the name and address of the registered agent, and must indicate the specific purpose for which the corporation is organized (for example, chiropractic medicine, Certified Public Accountant , etc. ). Please note that the name of the professional corporation must contain the words “charted” or the words “professional association” or the abbreviation “PA”. Once the articles are prepared, you must file this document with the Florida Division of Corporations along with the state filing fee of $70.00.

– Once the deed of incorporation has been submitted, you must obtain a tax identification number for your entity through the Internal Revenue Service. You can apply for a tax ID online at http://www.irs.gov or call the IRS. Their contact information can be found on the IRS website.

– Next, you must choose “S” corporation status for your entity. To do this, you must complete and submit Form 2553 to the IRS. You can get Form 2553 from the IRS website or seek the help of an accountant to help you with such an election.

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