• May 27, 2022

How document verification from the original source can counteract document FRAUD

CNN Justice reported on January 11 that the feds arrested more than 60 people in 17 US states, allegedly involved in providing fraudulent documents. Similarly, on January 16, 2012, the Saipan Tribune mentioned a story about a woman who had been arrested on immigration-related document fraud charges.

In addition to the two stories above, there are thousands of cases reported each month related to fraud and document forgery. Documentation fraud is becoming the main problem both for the labor sector and for immigration.

The reason why this crime is increasing all over the world is due to the scarcity of employment opportunities, the increase in educational and labor standards by employers. All employers today need genuine, fair and respectful employees who will eventually turn into a profit in the future. They are looking for people who have the best educational background according to the respective position, they are looking for considerable work experience in a similar capacity, they need young people to increase their overall energy level, they need employees with legal status who do not have any criminal records and also They are looking at the credit score.

Employers want 100% or you can say they want a SUPERMAN employee. Due to this phenomenon, job candidates falsify their birth certificates, buy fake degrees and diplomas, obtain fake licenses, etc. The risk to employers has increased dangerously in recent years.

How to counter document fraud through the verification process of the original source document:

Document fraud can be carried out in several different ways. Next, I’ll show you how fraud occurs and how it can be detected.

The main types of document fraud are:

  1. Impostors: the holder of these documents resembles the legitimate owner (passports, identity cards, driver’s license, etc.)
  2. Forgery – Document made from scratch – (Educational diplomas, titles, birth certificates, licenses, etc.)
  3. Forgery – a genuine document that has been altered – (resumes, experience certificates, etc.)

Verification of original source documents

Document verification is the process of ensuring that documents submitted by prospective employees are authentic and that the holder is the rightful owner. It is a vital part of the pre-employment screening and immigration process. Personnel responsible for verifying documents must have the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to confirm authenticity and identify basic forgeries.

Some Benefits of Document Verification:

  1. Legal workforce, socially identified and immensely eligible.
  2. Employees more educated, appropriate and relevant to the environment.
  3. Experienced, competent and truthful prospects for a company.
  4. Increased overall workforce productivity
  5. Increased workplace safety
  6. Decreased employer liability in terms of negligent hiring.
  7. Redemption of the risk of fraud.
  8. A better employee means a higher company value among competitors.
  9. Employers can easily avoid new illegal immigrants leaving them open to criminal penalties and prosecutions that penalize their identity.
  10. And of course profits drive interim money and market value.

Final remarks:

Employees are assets of an organization, and if any employer wishes to obtain a very valuable asset, they must perform a pre-employment document check before hiring a local candidate or international immigrants. Risk avoidance is essential to keeping the workplace safe, healthy and prosperous.

Verification of the original source document is a very complex process. Only document verification experts can do it properly because they have all the tools to verify documents. And they also know all the rules and reservations attached to the procedure.

Employers don’t have the time to set up an additional team for that, so outsourcing is the best way to get the best results in quick times. Background research, primary source document verification companies are the best resource for employers. Their experts will not only add value to your work but also give you confidence in your employees.

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