• April 26, 2022

Ancestral Healing and Cleansing – How to Turn the Sins of the Father into Blessings for the Children!

There are so many expressions in our culture to exemplify the power that our ancestors have in our lives, “The apple does not fall far from the tree” or “The sins of the father are passed on to the children” that is taken from a biblical verse. He passed.

What does this mean for us? Can we expect to make the same mistakes our relatives did? Not necessarily. We can make different choices. We carry our ancestors with us in a profound way. Chinese medicine talks about something called our ancestral chi (energy).

My friend and acupuncturist Lisa Gibilie offered this information:

In the area of ​​the crown chakra is the acupuncture point known as Bai Hui, “hundred encounters”. This is a physically and mentally uplifting point, a meeting place for the body’s Yang meridians. It is also the place where we meet our ancestors, the place where the soul leaves the body at death, the place where we connect with the Universe.

We have an inherited essence, which is known as our Ancestral chi (Yuan Qi), also called Source or congenital chi. This includes specific physical traits such as eye and hair color, cellular memories from past lives, as well as our connection to the Divine. Overwork, excess stress, poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, aging, and unresolved desires and emotions are funded by our inherited essence. We cannot alter our Pre-Celestial Qi (prenatal constitution), but we can save and protect it with correct lifestyle and treatment aimed at solving those problems that deplete it.

Our ancestors are accessible to us through our constitutions, our gifts, and even our challenges and problems. These influences can be friend or foe depending on our awareness, our flexibility, and our willingness to work with these aspects.

The subject of ancestors and their power and influence is something very personal to me. My beloved stepfather passed away in 2003 and that was a wonderful opportunity for me to be of service to him and also to do shamanic “psychopomping” work, which is helping a dying person cross safely to the other side. As a shamanic practitioner, I work with spirit guides or helping spirits that can take the form of totem or power animals. My dad loved owls when he was here and I inherited some of his ceramic owl collection. He has appeared to me in the shamanic world several times in the form of a beautiful brown owl!

In my healing practice, I often see a client’s family members surrounding them spiritually to offer guidance, protection, and support.

A weak constitution and stress can make a person more likely to be affected by negative congenital problems. We can positively affect our energy through diet, self-care, healing treatments, and a positive attitude.

An example of this is in a healing treatment with a client named Jenny. She was a cigarette smoker and she wanted to quit. Jenny had tried many methods, all of which had been ineffective for her. In our session she told me that her grandfather was a smoker and died of lung cancer. His death traumatized her family a lot and everyone was quite upset that she had taken up the habit of smoking.

While clairvoyantly looking at his energy, I could see an intrusion into his solar plexus area. I felt strongly that this was related to her grandfather and was some kind of thought related to addiction and smoking. I felt that she had learned this when she was a child since she was helpless to resist it, also that she wanted to take some of it from her grandfather to help him. We worked together to free him, which was quite easy and painless for her. She called me a week later to tell me that she hadn’t smoked a cigarette and that she had no desire to!

Our ancestors are part of our personal legacy, our path and our promise. In shamanic terms, we are all part of the “web of life” that connects each of us to each other and to the universe. I have found that overcoming ancestral or genetic limitations in my own life has given me a strong sense of power and personal achievement. A spiritual teacher once explained to me that what we cleanse and heal for ourselves we also heal for our ancestral lineage through our positive intentions to do so. What a bless!

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