• September 21, 2023

Popular Homeschool Curriculum For American History

Homeschool Curriculum For American History

Everyone has heard the saying, “He who doesn’t learn history is doomed to repeat it.” Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, one thing is clear: learning about history is important. The way we study history influences the way our children see the world and make decisions throughout their lives. Because of this, it’s critical to choose a curriculum that fits your educational philosophy and goals.

If you’re looking for a us history homeschool curriculum that takes a Charlotte Mason approach to history, look no further than Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Primary Pack. This literature-based curriculum teaches history through living books that help your child paint a picture of the time period they’re studying. It covers the first indigenous people of America, Vikings discovery of America, exploration and colonization, the American Revolution era, and the establishment of the United States. This K-3 curriculum uses a once-a-week lesson format that includes reading, writing, lapbooking, drawing and other hands-on activities.

Another Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool curriculum is The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. This curriculum provides a narrative approach to studying world history and incorporates a biblical perspective. This introductory level curriculum teaches history from 1000 AD to the mid-1800s and is perfect for students in grades K-3.

Popular Homeschool Curriculum For American History

The Good and the Beautiful is another Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool history curriculum for American history. This curriculum combines the different grade levels within your family into one class, and it also has a focus on character development. This is a great option for families with multiple children since it allows you to teach all of them the same time period at the same time and at the same pace.

This curriculum provides a unique Christian viewpoint of American history with the inclusion of Bible stories. It also encourages the study of other subjects related to that time period such as art, geography, music, literature and more. This is a great option for families who want to combine history with a more classical education.

Choosing a homeschool history curriculum that teaches your children to read and think critically is an excellent goal for any homeschooler. The best options will include original documents such as the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence and Constitution to encourage your student to engage with these important historical texts on their own rather than just listening to someone else tell them about them.

Many of the best American history curriculum options will incorporate a mix of elements such as worktexts, living books, field trips and other hands-on activities, videos and online resources. This will ensure that you find a curriculum that best fits your needs and student’s learning styles. For example, if your student prefers to learn through video and is better at memorization than he or she is with written assignments then Khan Academy is an excellent choice. Or, if your student enjoys reading and loves stories then Jim Hodges audio books are an excellent resource for American history.

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