• August 21, 2023

Medium High Voltage Slip Ring Motors for Mining and Cement Industries

Slip Ring Motors for Mining and Cement Industries

A medium high voltage slip ring motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor used for large-scale mechanical equipment. They are designed to meet high load inertia and power density requirements of the mining and cement industries, while providing maximum availability. These types of motors also reduce maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective alternative to other electric motors.

These motors have a special construction that makes them very durable and easy to install. Their main frame is made from steel plate welded into a box structure that has good rigidity and strength. The rotor winding is copper bar wrapped and coated with class F insulation. The rotor weld head is also insulated. During the manufacturing process, multiple turns of pulse voltage test and grounding are performed on the ends of the rotor winding. This is to ensure that the insulation is reliable and can withstand high electrical stress.

medium,high voltage slip ring motors

The slip rings are enclosed in a separate housing, preventing carbon dust from entering the main motor enclosure. This makes maintenance and repairs easier, and allows for different cooling arrangements for the slip ring unit and the motor. This type of design also increases the reliability of the motor, as it is less likely to be damaged by the elements.

Medium High Voltage Slip Ring Motors for Mining and Cement Industries

These medium high voltage motors are a versatile choice for a variety of applications. They can be used to drive fans, compressors, conveyors, crushers and other machines in the mining industry, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, water conservancy, transportation, building materials and machinery industries. In addition, they can be used to drive pumps, machine tools, transport vehicles and other equipment in power plants.

Another benefit of these motors is their high starting torque. This can be achieved with a low starting current, and it remains high over a wide speed range. The higher starting torque can help to minimize mechanical stresses on the driven equipment, reducing the likelihood of failure. It can also increase the efficiency of the machinery, resulting in lower energy and operating costs.

ABB’s modular slip-ring motor for mining and cement offers a range of options and accessories. The motors are available in frame sizes from 400 to 630, with 4 to 12 poles. They have a voltage rating of 2.3 to 13.2 kV and come in 50 and 60 Hz versions. The motors can be selected and configured using an easy online tool, and delivery times are short. They offer a range of protection options, from IP55 to completely sealed air-to-air or totally enclosed air-to-water cooling.

The key factors in achieving maximum performance from your motors are high mechanical and electrical properties, efficient heat dissipation and adequate thermal management. Mersen experts study your specific motor applications and requirements, select the best materials and perform extensive tests from the ring set assembly through the entire motor. This ensures that your motors can deliver high levels of performance in all environments, while keeping operating costs low.

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