• May 4, 2024

Are there any special requirements for first-time yacht charter Monaco?

requirements for first-time yacht charter Monaco

A yacht charter is a wonderful way to enjoy the open waters and savor the world of luxury, courtesy of an attentive crew. However, it’s important to understand how the regulations and costs of a charter yacht differ from those of a privately owned one.

When you charter a yacht, your professional broker will provide an estimate of all of the costs. This will include the base rate to rent the yacht as well as the food/drink, local taxes and fuel that you are required to pay for. This is known as your Advance Provisional Amount (APA).

Unlike private yachts, most yacht charter Monaco vessels are subject to regulations from a variety of flag states and authorities. These are generally related to safety, navigational and environmental requirements. For example, most yachts over 24m LOA are required to be in class and meet International Safey Management Code (ISM) requirements. These vessels may also be required to have a cargo ship safety radio certificate with a record of equipment and to have a MARPOL Annex V garbage management plan.

Are there any special requirements for first-time yacht charter Monaco?

These regulations can add to the operating costs of a yacht considerably. To offset these additional expenses, many owners offer their yachts for charter. However, to be eligible to charter, a yacht must be in class and must comply with ISM regulations. Moreover, if the vessel is not currently available for boat rental and does not meet minimum safe manning or classification standards, it may be subject to costly compliance fees.

For the first-time charterer, this can be a complex and confusing process. To avoid a multitude of legal and regulatory issues, it’s wise to consult with an experienced yacht attorney before proceeding. A yacht attorney can help ensure that your charter agreement is comprehensive and clear, and that you are protected from any unexpected pitfalls that could otherwise derail your plans for your dream vacation at sea.

Another option is to consider a tandem charter. This involves combining two or more yachts for a charter, which allows you to accommodate larger parties. Alternatively, it can allow you to separate the group for different activities. For instance, one yacht might take the group water skiing or diving while a second vessel takes the group for a day of pampering and massages.

The 2024 MYBA Charter Show will be held this April in Genoa, Italy, spanning the picturesque Molo Vecchio and Aquarium Docks. This is an excellent opportunity to view a wide range of the most stunning charter yachts on the market. The Luxury Charter Group team will be on hand throughout the event to inspect and advise.

When you book a yacht charter Monaco, your expert charter broker will ensure that your trip is a seamless and enjoyable experience. This is particularly true if you are planning to attend any of the famous events and yachting festivals that take place in this hedonistic, fairytale principality throughout the year. A luxury charter in Monaco whispers a world of opulence, regal splendor and exquisite belle epoque architecture.

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