• July 23, 2022

10 tips to make tantric love exciting

Tantra is a set of teachings and practices that are
specifically designed to help us feel more and increase
our awareness of our own energy and the energy around us.
Applying these teachings to love enriches the whole
experience by deepening the sexual connection between
couples and creating orgasms that will blow your mind!

1. Keep your eyes open:

When we keep our eyes open during sex, we cannot hide
our feelings, fears or our love. Hold hands and look into
the eyes of others for five minutes. This can be hard to start
with but try to keep it. Begins to build the sexual
intensity and connection you have with each other.

2. Venus Butterfly:

Also known as the one-hour orgasm, this is a set of techniques
that recognize that the woman is the initiator of sexuality
privacy. If the woman isn’t turned on, then sex just isn’t going to work.
happen! The techniques are designed to relieve women of their
accumulated tensions so that they can relax and have a fuller sexual life.

3. Spike:

This works for both men and women, but since women normally take
more time to get aroused, you should focus on the woman in the
beginning. This involves bringing her close to orgasm, slowing
or stop briefly and then increase the tension again. make this a
number of times and she will be in a high state of sexual

4. Increase male sexual stamina:

Place your fingers in a circle around the bottom of the
penis. This keeps the blood in for longer and therefore helps
maintain erection.

6. Vitamins and supplements:

L-Arginine opens the arteries and increases blood flow. If you are
you are not willing to take this in pill form, massage with a cream containing
L-Arginine to achieve the same effect.

5. Fun that isn’t geared toward sex:

Forget having sex and just get to know each other’s bodies.
Get some erotic massage oil and massage all over. Kiss
for hours using every part of the mouth, lips and tongue. race
and caress each other from the tips of the fingers to the toes.

7. Relax and take a deep breath:

Take off the pressure to act and allow the sexual energy
to build more slowly looking into the eyes, kissing and caressing during the time
how comfortable you feel.

8. Breathing exercises:

Partners should first spend time breathing together in unison and
then breathing alternately. Sounds weird but it helps
build a connection.

9. The conscious touch:

This is also called kissing with the hands and this shows how
important this is. It can electrify the sexual energy between
you and concentrate all your senses on your partner.

10. Kegel Exercises:

Both men and women can tighten their pelvic muscles, which
strengthen them for sex. Also, if women do this during
make love, then the pleasure increases for both the man and the
the woman.

Apply these techniques the next time you make love and
It will be an experience that both of you will never forget!

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