• May 17, 2023

Can Residents Make Changes to Their Manchester Student Apartments?

Changes to Their Manchester Student Apartments

When Jessie Smith netted the top grades she needed to get into Manchester University, her mother was overjoyed. But it wasn’t long before she was told her daughter would be placed near the bottom of a 200-plus waiting list for halls, and that she should consider accommodation in Liverpool or Huddersfield – a 40-minute train ride away from the city she signed up to study in.

It’s a problem that is being faced by thousands of students across the UK, and as a result, some have turned to social media in a desperate attempt to find somewhere to live. And with many landlords refusing to let to students due to high demand and rising rents, a growing number are turning to student property management companies that specialise in finding houses, flatshares and family homes for those unable to secure on-campus Manchester student accommodation.

But while these companies are helping some, their services can come at a cost, and with most of the available houses snapped up by parents looking to bolster their income, many young people are being left in the lurch.

Can Residents Make Changes to Their Manchester Student Apartments?

Whether it’s a lack of availability in the city centre, or high prices for the few that are on offer, many freshers find themselves struggling to make ends meet, or simply cannot afford to move out of their parental home. It’s not just students who are affected, either – families in areas of the country where student housing is scarce are also facing a battle to find suitable accommodation, with some even having to move further afield to be near their universities.

While the University strives to maintain rooms and Manchester student apartments at their designated occupancy levels, it reserves the right to reassign preferred residents to another room or apartment if there is an urgent need to consolidate occupancy. The University will notify affected students and/or their families in advance of any space change. If the preferred resident does not wish to move, they may request a refund of their deposit and/or any additional payments made for this specific room or apartment.

Residents must be in good standing with University Housing Services at the time of reassignment or transfer. Any resident who violates the terms of their agreement by allowing anyone to reside in their room or apartment without their permission, or fails to inform Housing Services about maintenance needs within a reasonable timeframe, may be subject to Code of Student Conduct charges, fines and/or contract termination. Students are responsible for the maintenance of their own rooms or apartments and all common areas, including furniture, appliances and fixtures. Residents should work together with their flatmates to resolve any problems in a respectful and timely manner.

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