• July 21, 2021

Wood frame on a budget

Wood frame construction uses herringbone and lap joints together with dowels or wooden dowels to create the frame structure of a house. This is a historical method of building the frame structure and can be expensive. One reason is that this type of construction is more advanced than the rod frame construction. People like to use wood frames because it will continue to accumulate the weight of the house long after the nails in the rebar frame construction have rusted and created the need for some major repairs. If you are building a new home and want to use this type of construction, there are ways you can incorporate this into your budget.

Use local species of woods.

When using wooden structures, be sure to use any tree that is a species native to that area. Timber is expensive to ship across the country. For example, if you love on the east coast two of its native species are oak and white pine, but on the west coast it would be Douglas fir. You also have to look at the cutting and handling of the woodworking material. One of the most difficult to work with is oak because it is heavier, so it would take longer to make the joints.

Choose a simple frame design

If you have a complex design in mind, it will simply cost you more due to the amount of food and the number of gaskets you would need for the frame. Some companies that make wood frames will count how many joints will be used for the frame and give you an estimate based on that information.

Find the best price

This includes not only the building material, but also the contractors who are going to build your wood frame for your home. Make sure you get at least three estimates because if you only get one pair, you only have one to compare to another. Make sure you get a written estimate that lists the costs for materials, labor, and anything else that goes into the cost of the home. Don’t choose the lowest price because they may be using inferior lumber. If possible, ask to see the wood they will use before making a decision. You should also ask to see the results of their construction to make sure they have the real experience to build your dream home. Ask for references and check it out. You and your family will live in this house for a long time and you want to make sure it is well built.

Following these tips will allow you to have your dream home and stay on budget.

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