• June 4, 2022

The World’s First Blockchain Press Release Service

First Blockchain Press Release Service

The world’s first Blockchain press release service is now available, thanks to the emergence of decentralized technologies. Blockchain technology will eventually make ownership of real estate and other industries much easier. To promote blockchain technology, it’s vital to have press releases aimed at the appropriate audiences. The service has several options for adding rich visuals and other elements. The process of creating and submitting press releases is fast and easy.

Chainwire is a newswire service for the cryptocurrency sector, and is powered by MarketAcross, a company that has an extensive network of PR and media contacts. For its basic package, Chainwire guarantees coverage from 10 publications. If you’re looking for more coverage, you can opt for more advanced packages that include support, translations, and syndication to 300+ business tech and finance sites. In addition, Chainwire will offer detailed reporting on press release distribution.

Crypto Press Release Distribution

The cryptocurrency industry has suffered from rapid growth over the past few years, with hundreds of projects, exchanges, investment firms, marketing agencies, and niche news sites popping up every day. However, the infrastructure has been slow to catch up. Existing press release services do not reach this targeted audience. Even though one out of five people own cryptocurrencies, they’re not always aware of them. Hence, it’s crucial for companies in this sector to use a press release distribution service to promote their new crypto offerings.

The World’s First Blockchain Press Release Service

Tracr was first launched in its R&D phase in 2018. Now, the company has achieved recognition and is among the world’s 50 best Blockchain solutions. In the first three Sights of the year, De Beers has registered one quarter of its value on TracrTM. And now, it’s ready for release on a large scale. With the help of blockchain, press release writers and publishers can easily distribute their press releases.

The first press release service is based on the concept of a decentralized network where participants can collaborate and exchange information. It provides news, press releases, and information about companies in the Blockchain space. There are thousands of companies who have been launching a press release service for Blockchain technology, so it’s a good idea to join it and share the news. This service is free, and it will help you promote your Blockchain startup in a professional manner.

The biggest blockchain company is Guardtime. Founded in Estonia in 2007, Guardtime has expanded its reach to the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Americas. The company has also started a US division, called Guardtime federal, which supports US government departments. It adheres to federal regulations, mitigates FOCI issues, and protects classified information. It’s the perfect tool for the Blockchain industry. When you’re ready to launch your own blockchain company, use Guardtime Federal.

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