• June 24, 2022

The intricate tuning of the valid program that we easily call reality

The abstract possibility that we are simply a program created by another program.

While it is Good Philosophy to ask ourselves about ourselves in this Universe, how do we fit into the scheme of things and how do we improve or even want to improve if all of this were true?

Given the only pocket of this entire universe, a natural desire for knowledge and improvement, this desire itself becomes its own universe. Throughout history, humans have made their own simulations for one purpose or another, and inevitably, we are all collectively headed towards that special place in time where we can make the perfect simulation. This will scientifically prove to ourselves once and for all that the ‘we’ exists within other simulations and so on, one of many Russian dolls.

Maybe we are at the beginning.

We already embraced the powerful results of programming in extreme research possibilities. We call this data information, and then we discover ways to go even further with no end in sight. Whether this ability is used in scientific research, gaming for entertainment, education to generate new cravings for additional research, spurious intelligence, warfare, creation…

The simulations we create of other living things shed a whole new light on complex behavioral systems like bees and ants for directional systems and other tiny behaviors that we haven’t even begun to explore. All this and even the behavior of galaxies and universes.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimplanting purely human decision-making in these computer programs that we’re developing. Human cognition and reasoning working together with machines and transportation. The simulations developed by us will safeguard the safety of such exercises by simply building on previous simulations by systematically eliminating test error.

The ability for us to create automatons not with artificial intelligence but with consciousness. Ironically, more advanced experiments in quantum computing simulations will bring us even closer to fully mapping our own brains.

The sheer number of these simulations may even start to take on a whole new consciousness and possibly leave us completely out of the loop. Realistically, statistically there are millions of other Intelligent Life systems like ours that are even much more advanced than ours with realistic odds that these beings have already reached or passed this point. So what?

The law of averages adds more and more weight to this assumption every day, taking theory from science fiction to scientific reality, and constantly taking our “what if” scenarios to new heights. The human effort to persevere in this direction far outweighs the fear of the futurism of religious creationism, just as the sound humanist ethic far outweighs the desire for ignorance.

The tracks are right in front of us. The definitive fine-tuning of the quantum physics of life around us, mathematics in engineering. Numbers that hold the universe together, numbers that hold our bodies together, we are intrigued by these very numbers, constantly on this human journey of knowledge to someday be empowered by ourselves to someday emulate the universe. The numbers and components of nature, however minute, are the key business card for the intelligent design of the universe.

Life is impossible to continue or even exist without an intricate adjustment that makes it possible for the Valid Program to appear and exist in the first place.

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