• September 18, 2021

The Bill Hodges Trilogy: The Latest Stephen King Books

If you are looking for a good book to buy for someone this year, then you should take a closer look at Stephen King’s latest book.

While you can generally associate Stephen King with horror books, in his latest series of novels, the Bill Hodges trilogy, the author has cast aside evil clown monsters and possessed cars and produced an exciting one instead. crime story with only one clue. of the supernatural.

Here’s a brief review of the three books that, together, make up Stephen King’s latest offering: Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and End of Watch, which are collectively known as the Bill Hodges Trilogy.

Mr mercedes

The first book in the Bill Hodges trilogy is Mr. Mercedes and what happens early in the story sets the stage for the entire series. A man named Brady Hartsfield drives his car straight into a line of unemployed job seekers, killing many of them. Hartsfield has a morbid fascination with death and suicide and a burning desire to kill as many people as he can. One of his targets is Bill Hodges, a retired cop, whom Hartsfield tries to drive to suicide. However, instead of driving Hodges to despair, all Hartsfield does is give Hodges a renewed purpose in his life and that purpose is to prevent Brady Hartsfield from killing anyone else.

Seekers Guardians

In Finders Keepers, the second book in the trilogy, the story begins by looking at how the families of those killed by Brady Hartsfield were affected by the massacre of Mr. Mercedes. Hartsfield is lying in a hospital bed in a vegetative state, deemed unfit for trial. We meet a new villain in Finders Keepers, Morris Bellamy, who murdered a known author and stole one of the writer’s manuscripts. The stories of Mercedes and Bellamy are linked when the son of one of the victims of the Mercedes massacre finds the stolen manuscript. Meanwhile, Bill Hodges has been taunting Brady Hartsfield in his hospital bed, believing that Mr Mercedes’s killer is faking it. The nurses in the hospital begin to notice moving objects and other, perhaps paranormal, events.

End of watch

In Stephen King’s latest book, End of Watch, Bill Hodges’ trilogy moves away from being a pure detective novel and into the realms of the paranormal. We find out more about the strange abilities that Brady Hartsfield seems to have developed and how he plans to use those powers to escape the prison his own body has become. He plans his revenge against Bill Hodges and decides to complete what he started with the murders of Mr. Mercedes.

In End of Watch, Stephen King brilliantly combines a detective story with a tale of the supernatural. The result is an edge-of-the-seat reading that’s packed with insights into human nature and brimming with excellent storytelling.

If you’re looking to buy a book for someone this year, these last three Stephen King books will please Stephen King fans and King first-time readers alike. Yes, there are elements of the supernatural towards the end of the trilogy, but it’s not a monster-ridden horror festival as you might think. However, it is a fascinating read from the first page of Mr Mercedes to the last page of End of Watch.

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