• July 27, 2021

My tendency to overeat: the story of a true Basset Hound

The basset hound may be a dog, but he understands people; This breed shares a struggle common to many of us: the love of overeating. But guys, here’s the good part: you won’t have to tell the dog that it looks good in the dress!

Looking for a responsible partner to keep fit? This breed will keep you on your toes! Like you, it takes a lot of exercise to stay healthy.

The basset hound is typically lazy. How many of us can relate to that?

A characteristic of this breed are the extremely long ears; hence its very sharp hearing. In other words, wait until the children are no longer crying babies to add this pet to your family.

Planning a housewarming party? Don’t worry about the dog … Go ahead and invite your friends! The basset hound will be your host for the night. See strangers as an excuse to make new friends. The basset hound will have more fun at your party than you, as he will not do any of the work.

Like many singles in the dating world, the basset hound hates being alone. Do you have other pets? You are a great family for this breed. Having a distraction, like other animals, keeps this guy out of trouble.

As a man is guided by his stomach, this dog is guided by his nose. During training, he has a stubborn tendency to follow his nose rather than his teacher.

The basset hound is known for its emotional sensitivity. For single women, this dog will be like the man you are dying to meet!

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