• November 24, 2022

Mobile chicken coops: a chicken coop on wheels

So… have you decided to take up the fun-filled hobby of raising backyard chickens?


I’m sure you’ve already purchased a batch of baby chicks at your local pet store or expo center and brought them home with joy and enthusiasm. Every day you have fed and played with them and enjoyed just watching them chirp and make a mess. For weeks you’ve sat there and watched them grow, but now you’ve realized they’re too big to keep inside your house in those empty milk cartons or fish tanks you were using to keep them. You’ve thought it’s time to build a chicken coop and I couldn’t agree more.

The problem is…

You have a fascinating fully landscaped backyard that you have poured every last drop of sweat into to grow and maintain and the last thing you want to do right now is destroy your lawn by permanently building a chicken coop that will tarnish the aesthetics of your home and Garden. At the same time, your little flock of chickens is growing too big to keep indoors and since you’ve already grown very fond of the chicks, it would be too painful to give them away. Well, the answer to your problems is quite simple…what you need is a mobile chicken coop.

The mobile chicken coop

Mobile chicken coops are like chicken coops on wheels. Literally. Although not as popular with the hardcore chicken farmers of the world who tend to build large scale coops for hundreds of birds and heavy layers, the mobile chicken coop was an invention my father created after a huge storm, with gale force winds. , hits our little town. After the storm downed some of our coconut trees and demolished most of our plants and livestock, my father had to move the chicken coop to other parts of the yard to clean up the mess. Since it was an almost impossible task to lift the chicken coop with all its weight and relocate it to another place, my father came up with the brilliant idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling wheels on the bottom of the chicken coop so that he could roll it easily. any destination in our yard. This idea was so successful in our everyday chicken-raising lifestyle that from then on, every chicken coop we built was a mobile chicken coop.

Mobile Chicken Coop Advantages

With mobile chicken coops, you never have to worry about having a permanent structure in your backyard again. If you want to keep your mobile chicken coop closer to your porch during the winter for easy access for feeding and cleaning, you can. If during the spring you’d rather show off your beautiful sprout garden to your friends and family without having your chicken coop in the way, tarnishing the beauty of your garden… no problem. Simply roll your mobile chicken coop to another location in the yard where it is most suitable. Even if a major hurricane threatens your area, with a mobile chicken coop, you’ll be able to easily move it to a safer position, such as your garage if you have the space, or even inside your barn if you live in a country house.


Don’t go banging a pair of wheels in your roost and assume you’ll crown the champion in the next roost drag race. An efficient mobile chicken coop is designed with the utmost care and planning. Learn how you can build a well-designed mobile chicken coop here:

How to build a mobile chicken coop.

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