• November 24, 2022

Issues facing teens today

Teenage problems are growing. If you think that being a teenager today is the same as when you were in his shoes, you are probably wrong. Now, hear yourself say how strict and hard life was when you were young. But you must realize that today’s teens face huge, life-threatening decisions almost every day. What they face has a lot to do with where they grow up. However, don’t be fooled into thinking your child is safe.

In the normal course of your teen’s day, he or she may face any of these things; one or more of them.

drugs Do you think drugs are simple like they used to be? They are not. Kids today don’t just smoke easy stuff. They like crack or other strong and deadly drugs.

Sex. They are not only exposed to it on television, but are also encouraged by others. They may be engaging in sexual acts that you have never heard of. They may also be doing it without protection. At school, after school, in the car on the way home, there are many opportunities that you don’t realize. Teens get pregnant and have babies.

Violence. The problems of today’s adolescents often revolve around violence. They see friends with guns at school or after school. They witness big fights. They hear threats. They see anger and face it daily.

Depression. With everything they see and do, teens are facing depression today at an alarming rate compared to a decade ago. Depression isn’t something that just goes away, it can cause harm and threaten their lives.

driving. Teens drive drunk. Teens drive under the influence of drugs. Teenagers get into cars that others drive under the influence of alcohol. Teens can be responsible drivers too, but share the road with those who aren’t.

Adolescent problems that are at a lower level can be just as deadly. They deal with lies, cheating, emotional trauma, learning disabilities, and divorce. All of these things that a child will face on a daily basis in some cases. In those cases, it is not surprising that they have low self-esteem, high dropout rates, and some of the students break down under the pressure. Teenagers’ problems need to be addressed and noticed first by their parents.

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