• December 31, 2022

Innovative Mindset in Society Is the United States losing the innovation edge?

Is the US losing the innovation edge? How can this be? Where did we go wrong? What happened? Could it be that we have changed our education system and society in a way that gives less incentive to innovators? That would be a travesty since our entire national identity is based in part on the ‘can do attitude’. Let’s break this down briefly and let me know if you see it too.

Are we losing our ability to think creatively and solve problems in innovative ways? I think so. It also seems that we are losing confidence in ourselves, no need to solve problems, all problems have already been solved. No need to think, just google the answer. Suddenly, there is no responsibility or integrity: passing off copied ideas and plagiarizing for innovation.

Look, I’m not a Luddite, and I don’t live in a cave, I know there’s innovation out there, it’s just that I see an ocean of imitations and very few pearls of innovation by comparison. Everyone is busy liking, friending and forwarding, searching online for featured viral original concepts daily instead of generating new ideas themselves. Maybe that instant gratification of a dopamine burst is just as good as that “Ah-Ha Moment” when you solve a problem or when the innovation lightbulb goes off inside your brain?

There seems to be a deep desire among members of our society to be creative and innovative, just as companies know that having a strong R&D department and maintaining an innovative edge in their industry has a clear advantage. Perhaps that is why everyone and his brother claim to be an Expert Innovation Consultant. It’s quite funny how many of these ‘innovation coaches’ promise to teach us how to innovate, yet dare I ask; how many of them have original thoughts themselves. Is this yet another case of; ‘things they cannot teach’.

As an innovator, I find it incredible what passes for creative or innovator today. I suppose we all have free speech in America and you are free to call yourself an innovator if you want without any proof or example of creativity or innovative attributes, but that doesn’t mean it is. There is no honor in continuing this facade, we are only hurting ourselves and we cannot fix the problem until we address the reality and the problem here. Do you see it too? What should we do? Please consider all this and think about it.

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