• November 25, 2022

How To Fly In Your Search Engine Marketing, In The Post-Google Era Part 2

‘Are Google’s days in the dominant position in search technology numbered?’

In an aggressive attempt to rein in SEO, perhaps for its new IPO, Google is becoming a less relevant search engine losing market share to Yahoo! Also on the horizon is Microsoft’s launch into the search business, which will somehow integrate search into its operating system’s Search function (it’s the system used to find files in Windows). That is, with the new Windows you will be able to search for files on your computer and also on the Internet. This new functionality of being able to search computer files and web files, from within the Windows operating system, has to eat up market share of Google’s future Search Business.

“The Google brand will survive though in other advertising businesses.”

This would explain Google’s ambitious plan to expand beyond search, to become a major ubiquitous brand like Yahoo! Google has expanded into email advertising with Gmail(TM) and has positioned itself to be an important partner with countless number of website publishers with the revenue-producing Adsense(TM) program. Google’s Adsense(TM) is probably the most effective affiliate or partner program available for website owners. It provides significant income from one of the top 3 killer apps on the web – clicking links. With a major IPO to raise cash and these visionary positioning strategies, I’m sure Google will leverage their brand in other things. In short, the Google brand will survive even in other advertising businesses.

However, the fact is that I don’t think it will retain its dominant position in search. Are Google’s days in the dominant position in search technology numbered?

‘How will the SEO expert survive in the new landscape of search engine marketing?’

Gone are the days when SEO, not long ago, could optimize client sites for Google and influence 2/3 of online search queries, for specific keyword phrases.

However, my results were also affected, I suspected this was in the works and I protected my e-business from the latest series of Google updates by adopting a more harmonized and balanced approach to web marketing called the Tao of Search Engine Promotion. . So sit back and relax, and forget about the stress of the barrage of Google updates. Refocus your energies. view a high-traffic site without reliance on Google, the new MSN Search Engine, or anything else on the horizon… probably created by Yahoo! Let’s use this time to reflect on the basics of synergistic web marketing harmony.

‘Introduction of the concept of Tao to search engine marketing’

The reason why I use the Eastern philosophy of Tao for search engine promotion is because in search engine marketing I feel that we have to be open to harmonizing with the major opposing forces in search engine visibility in the future: 1 pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; and 2 SEO search engine optimization.

My personal philosophy is that you will need to have harmony between hard and soft techniques, like Ying and Yang or the masculine and feminine principles to restore balance to search engine marketing in this uncertain post-Google dominance era.

Advertising in search engines: it represents the Yang or masculine principle, since it is a very proactive, aggressive and direct advertising. Your PPC advertising copy has to fire the imagination of web visitors to get a good response. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising pays for the clicks that search engines bring to your site. PPC is sending your message to the www in no uncertain terms, to make a statement about your business.

In PPC advertising, you control your campaign’s ranking, messaging, and cost by bidding against others for your specific search engine’s key terms. The major players in pay-per-click advertising are Google, Overture, and Find What. While on the other hand…

Search Engine Optimization – Represents the Ying or feminine principle in that you are more fluid and responsive to search engine algorithms, which of course you do not control. SEO promotion uses familiar conventions and in some cases deconstructs the algorithms of search engine developers and works with them. In other words, it’s like Judo, where you use the momentum and power of search engines to build your business. You will need to be constantly on your toes to try and stay on top of the latest developments in SEO promotion.

You need to employ both strategies at times, and both have their place in the media mix of your search engine marketing strategies. We’ll explore how both can help you drive traffic to your business. First, let’s explore some ebiz basics.

Why do people use the Internet?

A – Read email and communicate

B – Search for information (not entertainment)

C – Search for information to buy something

Today the web is text-centric: the top 4 applications are email, instant messaging, clicking links, and searching for information. Without these four basic functions, the web would not work. This is important to remember because some people think flashy animation or graphics are the keys to a successful e-business. This is not the case. You must have good textual information on your site, which is optimized for search engine friendly, if you want to achieve high search engine rankings. In Part 3, I’ll explore other SEO basics to share how I’ve been able to maintain high rankings in the Post Google era.

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