• July 31, 2022

How to contact Norton Antivirus

When you bought your new computer, it probably came with a CD that automatically installed a program called Norton Antivirus. While the software works effectively to protect your PC from dangerous viruses (which could cause permanent damage to your hard drive/system), many experts in the field of antivirus and spyware seem to recommend other programs that can do a better job.

In fact, recently when I was looking for information on how to contact Norton antivirus, some interesting tips were posted on the forums which I will share with you below:

Taking too much of your computers resources

When you search Symantec’s website for how to contact Norton antivirus, you won’t find any precise information about how much of your computer’s resources will be used by running the program, just an average estimate. Tech experts have concluded that Norton may be something of a “resource hog” in terms of running at full speed. This means that when the software is running, you will see a significant drop in your computer’s performance.

Do not expect refunds for open software from the store

When I first started using my computer, I bought Norton software at a local electronics store. At the time, it was the only software I knew of to help protect my PC. It was relatively cheap and although I didn’t understand the scope of computer security very well, it was explained to me very thoroughly when I discovered how to contact Norton antivirus.

The representative on the phone was very helpful and answered many questions I had, and at the end of the phone conversation he referred me to several links on his website for more information.

I was pretty pleased until a while later a message popped up on my computer screen basically telling me that I needed to update my Norton antivirus to keep my PC protected. I thought, “Okay, sounds logical”, but when I saw that I had to pay money for the upgrade, frustration washed over me.

Of course, I probably didn’t see the fine print of having to pay to keep the antivirus program running, though I did find out how to contact Norton antivirus and spoke to the rep. But it seems that no one made it clear to me even when I bought the software from the store.

A refund was what I expected to get, but unfortunately when you buy software that has been opened, it’s virtually impossible to get your money back. Of course, this is not the fault of Norton antivirus or any other entity that sells software. But most of you, like me, are unfamiliar with some of these details at first, especially when you’re just getting to know your computer and the technical aspects of what it takes to keep it running clean and secure.

alternative options

Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to contact Norton antivirus and talk to their sales department or customer service representative, consider doing a little research online to find alternative antispyware programs. While I still find Norton antivirus to be a highly respected and trusted service, there are dozens of free PC security software options out there that can match or exceed what you’re currently using.

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