• April 30, 2021

How to choose private transfers from CDG to Disneyland Paris?

If you are traveling to Paris for the first time, be sure to choose the right means of transport. Paris is a big city and it can create problems for you if you don’t choose the right transport service. Charles de Gaulle airport is connected to the center of Paris. Therefore, you have many options to choose from, such as taxi, bus, train, or shuttle. In this article, we will share some tips that can help you choose the right service.

Private taxi

Without a doubt, taxes are an ideal option to go from CDG to Disneyland Paris. You can contact the service provider for more information on the cost of a taxi. They will answer questions about many things, such as amenities, duration, and costs. The taxi will make sure you reach your destination on time.

You can check the prices of the service on the website of the service provider. The online booking form can help you book a taxi without any hassle. The reservation process is pretty straightforward and straightforward.

Bus service

Although hiring a taxi is a comfortable means of transport in Paris, you can also try other means such as a bus service. In fact, buses and shuttles are on the list for most population options. If you are traveling with a large group, you can book the entire bus.

Many Disneyland hotels offer a free shuttle service that can help you get from the airport to the hotel of your choice. Some hotels do not offer this service. So this must be taken into account. With a little research, you can choose the right bus service. From CDG to Disneyland, you can cover the distance in about 90 minutes. Tickets will cost you no more than $ 30, which is quite affordable.

You can also find a lot of information about other buses and shuttles by calling your hotel. Another way to get the information is through the schedule that you can find at the CBD airport.

Many bus and shuttle services operate during the week. In case of any problems, you can hire a taxi that is tailored to your needs.

Train service

You can choose between two types of trains: the RER train and the TGV train. There are other options as well, but they are not recommended. Most of the people use these services because they are convenient and inexpensive at the same time.

Of all the options, the TGV train is the most suitable for its reliability and speed. Tickets are not expensive either. It costs around $ 20 and the travel time is around 45 minutes, which includes the 30 minute waiting time as well. So the travel time is pretty fast and the cost is low. In fact, taking the train is a great idea if you are going to take a trip with your family.

The problem is that the service does not work 24 hours. Therefore, you may need to wait 90 minutes. The PER train, on the other hand, is cheaper but slower.

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