• May 27, 2022

How can I save my marriage? – Stop your divorce before they take the dog, the house and the kids

So, do you want to know how to save your failed marriage? We all do it at one point. Below is all the advice you need to tackle the problems you and your spouse are having.

Good news for both of you… Your marriage can be saved! You want an eternal relationship right? You two were in love before you got married and why can’t you rekindle that same love?

How can I save my marriage? Do the favors you did when you first got married, such as:

1. Cook your spouse’s favorite food.

2. Have your husband’s newspaper on your chair.

3. Give your wife a dozen roses.

4. Help your wife with the dishes after dinner.

5. Give your wife some money and tell her to buy whatever she wants.

6. Surprise your spouse with a special gift that is not related to their birthday.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts! Giving your husband or wife a box of Twinkies might sound stupid, but at least she bought them something! It’s the little things that people always appreciate.

If you have a leaky roof, don’t say “I need to replace it.” The correct answer is that you will either fix the leak or have someone else fix it. This same analogy can be made about your marriage. Fix it up!

If your sex life is dead, why not go on an impromptu vacation? Go to Motel 6 for one night, at least you can say you spent quality time together. Being a partner is key to a healthy relationship and marriage.

Never be negative with each other, always stay positive.

Have you found out that your husband/wife has a girlfriend or boyfriend? You said you would never forgive them. You have to prove to your spouse that you are the greatest woman or man in the world. You have to make yourself and everything in your life attractive. When you do those things, your husband or wife will not be bored with you.

When you have disagreements, discuss them in a civil manner. Get all your frustrations out of the way. Never fight in front of other people. Never fight near children. Never physically provoke each other. To be civilized human beings.

Jealousy is the kiss of death for many marriages. Don’t let your jealousy ruin your marriage! You’ll be in divorce court in no time. Nobody wants to be accused of anything and if that person is aggravated every second, what do you think your spouse will say? “My spouse is saying I’m cheating on him and I’m not. He might as well cheat then, right?”

Show each other respect, dignity and honor. Sometimes one of the spouses loves himself more than the person he has married. It seems strange but it is true. Jealousy is the Achilles heel of any relationship. Please avoid it.

The last and most important tip of the day that you should know:

Say I love you.” Say it sincerely. Both of you. Acknowledging that you love each other is the first step you need to take every day. Can I save my marriage, help me save my marriage, help save my marriage, how to save my marriage, save my marriage, save my marriage?

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