• May 27, 2022

For Single Women: 5 Men You Should Never Say Yes To

1. Vain Vincent: This is the type of guy who is basically in love with mirrors. He stops to look at his reflection every time you pass a mirror or glass door. His beard always neatly groomed, his impeccable clothes, his designer umbrellas and a gold chain around his neck. He is always asking you, “how do I look?” and never compliment you no matter how beautiful you look. It’s almost like he’s the woman in the relationship and he’s not even gay, he’s just vain.

If you’re looking for a man to say yes to this season, Vain Vincent is certainly not that guy. You will probably spend the rest of your life telling him how cute he is and you won’t expect him to tell you how cute you are too. Not only that, but you should also expect his family budget to project more for his clothes and accessories than for his food!

two. brutal bamidele: This is certainly the kind of person you shouldn’t say yes to unless you’re skilled in martial arts and probably have a black belt. He is always violent, he always has a pack of cigarettes in the car, he fights with keke drivers on the road, he always reeks of alcohol, he never concedes an argument no matter how wrong it is, he says things like “women talk too much… . deserved to be spanked to keep them in their place,” he calls his mother a whore, verbally abuses his sisters, and is so possessive when it comes to you that he’s ready to beat up any guy he sees hanging around you. Of course, when he’s with you, he’s usually nice, he compliments you and treats you like you’re the center of his world. He tells you that all other women are whores and that you are very different. He tells you that he cannot live without you and buys you beautiful gifts. He occasionally hits you when he’s angry and he tells you it’s your fault for making him angry. Then he buys you gifts and begs you not to leave him or he will surely die. Brutish Bamidele is a brute in every sense of the word and you’re not the one to tame him if his mother couldn’t. Stop giving yourself stupid reasons to consider saying yes unless you don’t mind condemning yourself to a lifetime of abuse.

3. egotistical emeka: If there’s anyone you should avoid saying yes to, then it’s Egoistic Emeka. He’s the guy who thinks everything should revolve around him. He is only happy when the discussion is about him. He’s not really vain, he just has a big ego. He is very selfish and doesn’t care how much you will bother you just to satisfy his needs. He is only in a good mood when you praise him, he talks about his dreams and achievements without paying attention to yours, he gets angry every time you receive a praise or an award at work, he is extremely competitive and does not mind keeping you awake all day . complaining late at night about his colleague at work who seems to have an advantage over him, dominates every conversation with tales of his prowess, stays sulky when you get something he wants until you deliver it, and sulks when you don’t get his way. hers. If you’re in a relationship with Egoistic Emeka, then you should think about quitting now before it’s too late, unless you don’t mind stroking someone’s ego for the rest of your life. Men usually have a big ego, but when he is that insecure, he is very unhealthy and will pose problems for you in the future.

4. Inconsistent Ignatius: This one never holds a job. He has big dreams and thinks that all his bosses are worthless and that if he only saw a million naira, he would start his dream business and in no time he would be called “Sir”. He always knows how things should be done in the best way, he speaks articulately, has big dreams and talks about how much money he will have soon without even working hard at anything. He has very bad habits with money, he keeps borrowing money from her and may even gamble every penny of it. He is always optimistic about how much he will gain from an imaginary deal, and yet he never achieves anything. His dreams change from time to time. Today he is so sure that he wants to have a computer center and tomorrow he wants to be a soccer player. He lets you pay for everything you do together, taxis, dinners and even recharge cards. Unless you’re ready to be the one paying all the bills in that relationship and be the breadwinner when you get married, you don’t have to date a guy like Inconsistent Ignatius.

5. sule horny: Okay, I know the word slutty is normally used to describe female losers, but there are some guys out there who flirt so much they deserve to be called sluts. Slutty Sule is the typical good boy. He knows exactly how to please a lady. He buys you gifts, sends you romantic text messages, leaves roses on your doorstep, opens the car door for you, pulls out the seat for you when you go out, and listens to you when you talk. At first glance, Slutty Sule seems like the perfect guy, but something tells you that you’re not the only woman in his life. One minute he’s telling you how much he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you and the next he’s looking at a yellow papaya strutting past him, not caring that she might not even be as pretty as you. He always carefully guards his phone, answers calls from different girls, and smells different female perfumes that, according to him, are nothing. When you see him with a different girl, he will be quick to tell you that she is the niece of his great-granddaughter. Well, unless he’s ready to fight different girls every day, he’s definitely not the guy to say yes to.

So ladies, while you’re having fun this holiday season and making yourself available for Mr. Perfect to find himself, stand firm and remember these 5 guys to never say yes to.

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