• January 24, 2023

football spread offense

Today I want to talk to Head Coach Bill Renner and his Spread Offense which he calls the 5-Wide Attack Spread Offense.

Article 1 – For an offense, nothing is more frustrating than having a defense attack you to the point where you become passive, defensive and worried about not being able to score points or move the ball. They’ve gotten their offense into a “just don’t lose the game” or “we’ll wait for a good opportunity” defensive mindset.

Well, the mission of 5 Wide Attack Offense is to never allow that mentality to prevail. In fact, 5 Wide Attack Offense reverses that mindset and puts the defense in passive, defensive mode and worries if they can stop it.

How does it do this? With formations that limit the defensive lineup so you can practice against exactly what you’ll see on game day. With a system without meetings that makes the defense play at your pace. With offensive tempo changes that prevent the defense from being able to block his attack. With 5 receivers on every passing play and 4 receivers on every running play, which disguises their pass-run read from their offense.

Good defenses are programmed to react and not think. 5 Broad Attack doesn’t allow them to get into a reaction state, it always keeps them thinking. Thinking defenses are slow defenses that become uncertain defenses that then become targets for your offensive attack. Once you have them confused, doubt creeps in, and then the points accumulate on the scoreboard.

Instilling the element of doubt in a defense is your main weapon against an aggressive defense. Never be without the tools to create this doubt so you can score as many points as it takes to win. The 5 Wide Attack Offense will give you those tools!

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