• July 21, 2021

Evacuation plans for a zoo fire


A zoo, commonly known as a zoological garden or zoological park (sometimes called an animal collection) is a facility where animals of all kinds are confined within a given enclosure and are kept for display to the public. In this sense, if you are on vacation, you can visit the closest Zoo and spend your free time enjoying the beauty of the wildlife. Unfortunately, there are some instances where your zoo vacation is interrupted by flames and fire. In that case, what are you supposed to do? In other words, what are the evacuation plans for a zoo fire?

Well, if the unfortunate happens, you have to save both your life and the life of the garden animals. In this regard, the following are some of the acceptable evacuation standards and plans that should be followed at any other time whenever a fire hits a zoo:

1. Give the alarm

As soon as signs of fire are detected in a zoo, an alarm should be activated immediately to alert all people of impending danger.

2. Get the people out of the zoo

In fact, the first thing is to get people out of the Zoo. Ideally, every place the public is supposed to visit should have a fire mounting site. Therefore, as soon as a fire alarm goes off at the zoo, people are encouraged to gather at the respective fire gathering grounds. From there, the people count is tracked and whoever is missing is immediately tracked. If someone is injured, first aid will be administered as soon as possible. Thereafter, people must move out of the fire risk location to safer ground to get more directions.

3. Transfer of animals to other places that are safe.

The next evacuation plan in the event of a zoo fire is to save the animals. Ideally, a well-designed zoo has other safe havens on the zoo grounds that are reserved for emergencies. However, evacuating the animals could be challenging because some of them are incredibly dangerous and very stressful to move. For example, trying to load a giraffe onto a trailer is not easy, as you could panic and even seriously injure yourself that can lead to death. However, some zoos have planned well for such circumstances making sure you have the required structures on the ground, such as the lion’s tunnel, the giraffe’s barn, etc.

4. Save properties

As soon as people and animals are on safer ground, the next step is to save property. In a zoo, there should be a team of well-trained firefighters who are ready to respond quickly to the fire outbreak anywhere and at any time. In this sense, the firefighting team must have the appropriate fire fighting equipment to be in a better position to contain the fire. If the team succeeds in putting out the fire, the properties will also be saved.


From the above overview of the evacuation procedure, it is recommended that the public are familiar with such plans and are aware of the mandatory signs to stay safe whenever there is a fire outbreak at a zoo. Otherwise life and property will be lost if the above plans are not followed.

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