• June 25, 2022

Creative Tuscan Mediterranean Design and Interiors

Tuscan Spanish originated in the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Greece, and Italy, and is often referred to as “modernist Spanish.” Mediterranean-style furniture and architecture range from simple pieces to extremely ornate and formal pieces. Rustic wooden tables, with ornate legs and feet; Brass and iron hardware that is heavy and often burnished or patinated is a must-have feature. Textured wall finishes and deep, rich patina are a common design detail. Come and fall in love with the Spanish style of the Southwest or the Old World, these design ideas will help you incorporate the Spanish style in your home.

Mediterranean colors vibrate with those of the blue sea and clear sky and can also include warm terracotta, lavender and yellow, earthy tones that give a rich romantic feel. The rustic Tuscan color palette leans heavily on beautiful reddish oranges, earthy and unassuming tones that evoke a sunset, copper and reddish tones make for incredibly romantic and flattering décor.

Mosaic designs are the personality of a Mediterranean interior. Bring the designs into your home as a tile-rimmed mirror frame or an antique door table. You can also simulate the look of tile with some old rustic woods interspersed with stencils on the walls.

Burnished bronze urns, filigree carved chests and wrought iron cabinets create a Mediterranean look, but with a Moroccan influence. Rich embroidered textiles and colorful embroidery create a kaleidoscope of design. Moroccan drapes and silks add a luxurious feel and are stunning wall treatments.

Multiple coats of paint and glaze create textured walls, and old rustic doors add visual depth. Indian teak doors have a rustic old world look characterized by warm patinas and heavy metal studs that create a lavish Spanish feel. Barn-style doors with brass and iron accents, carved woods with rustic patinas, and textiles with a feeling of hand-embroidered textures complete the Tuscan Villa.

Side and coffee tables made from old Indian doors and windows bring a deep, rich warmth of something that has been around for a long time. The vibrant colors of Indian textiles, such as handmade mirror cloth pillows and sheer voile curtains, give the room an ethereal feel. Pashmina bedding with paisley patterns and Jamavar designs reflect their cultural identity. Bone inlaid cabinets and brass embossed end tables, an old hope chest at the foot of the bed complete the rustic look. The carved doors and panels on Indian antiques make beautiful unique headboards and resemble the doorway arches seen in Spanish architecture.

You can create a unique Spanish colonial dining room by envisioning a ceiling with old banjara textiles, the mirrors casting reflections on the architectural columns that accent the entryway. Add a decorative element to the room with richly colored curtains that complement the rustic woods of the columns. The long Spanish-style bench made from old Indian corbels is whimsical, yet provides a traditional feel that sets the tone for the rest of the house.

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