• April 29, 2021

Colors of the human aura and their meaning

There are many different colors of the human aura. The color list below provides a brief description of each main color along with the meaning of that color.

Aqua – A person tends to be a healer with this color.

Black: This aura of color appears in abused children, divorces, people addicted to drugs, and victims of torture.

Pale Blue – A sensitive person will display a pale blue aura.

Sky blue – a person with strong natural instincts has this color.

Cobalt Blue – This person has an intuition that comes from a higher source.

Prussian Blue – This aura color represents harmony.

Royal Blue – This aura color appears when people have found their way in life.

Delft Blue – This person has a strong ethical foundation.

Ultramarine – This aura color is seen in people who spend a lot of time around the ocean.

Navy blue: move methodically and safely.

Indigo – This person will have well-adapted psychic abilities.

Amber: represents a person with personal courage and strength.

Caramel – This aura color is seen when a person is making positive career moves.

Copper – This aura color only shows up in people who are in the mining business.

Raw Sienna – When people have trouble thinking clearly, they will see this color.

Fawn: one is experiencing an ending with a problem.

Doeskin – Very organized people display this aura color.

Mushroom: You are fulfilling your destiny, but slowly.

Chocolate brown: people who work with the land.

Reddish brown: a person who works very hard.

Terra-cotta: people who go against the current.

Dark brown: someone who has common sense.

Gold: the person exists at a higher level of consciousness.

Pale Green – A spiritually advanced person has a pale green aura.

Lemon Green – Found in people who are liars and cheats.

Apple Green – People with this colored aura are healers.

Iridescent Green: This colored aura appears in friendly people.

Emerald green – the solution to a problem will come when you see this color.

Jade – A person with this colored aura is charitable.

Viridian: a person who suffers from mental or emotional stress.

Olive Green: This aura of color indicates a scrooge.

Dark Green – A dark green aura shows that someone is experiencing mental stress.

Turquoise – This aura of color is found in people who have gone from poverty to wealth.

Gray – A gray aura means that people feel trapped.

Charcoal Gray – When someone is depressed, this color will appear.

Apricot: loving communication.

Orange – a person with this aura has strong motivation.

Pumpkin – A pumpkin aura represents self-control.

Pale Pink – True love is represented by a pale pink aura.

Pink Madder – A person who has great loyalty and commitment.

Salmon Pink – This aura of color comes from people who love what they do at work.

Iridescent pink: someone who has a strong sexual desire.

Dusty Pink – Silly people display this aura of color.

Lavender – People who have had an out-of-body experience show this aura of color.

Lila – a balanced spiritual person.

Magenta: the color of the aura of entrepreneurs.

Malva: it is shown in humble people.

Imperial Purple: This aura color appears in people with a very active dream life.

Grape: a grape aura is the color of laziness.

Violet – Humble people show the color of the violet aura.

Carmine – You see this aura color when people try to change something in their life.

Vermillion – Creative people show this color.

Rustic Red – A short-tempered person displays this color of aura.

Scarlet red – a person with a big ego.

Crimson – A person with this aura color is naturally creative.

Maroon: a person who empowers himself.

Claret – A determined person has a claret aura.

Silver – A silver aura represents the link between the earth and the spirit world.

Cream – a person who is on the right path in life.

Pearl – A true psychic will display a pearly aura.

Pale yellow – a shy person has this colored aura.

Primrose – An optimistic person will display this aura of color.

Lemon Yellow – This aura color indicates to a person that he knows where he is going in life.

Buttercup yellow – someone who is focused on doing something.

Golden yellow – an inspired person.

Mustard – Mustard aura comes from manipulative people.

Straw yellow: people who like to daydream.

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