• November 23, 2022

Book Review – The Power of Passionate Intention – The Elisha Principle by Mark Chironna

A Time of Historical Transition in the Church Today

Dr. Mark Chironna passionately appeals to the modern church to usher in an era of double-portion anointing that he calls the “Elisha Principle” in his book “The Power of Passionate Intent.”

Chironna calls the Christian to recognize that the world is in transition, in the midst of global changes, changes in politics, finance and international relations. These changes demand that a Christian establish a worldview in light of the church’s role in evangelism, meeting the needs of the global crisis, and impacting the world with the message of the Kingdom.

I found the “Points to Ponder” thought provoking, full of purpose, full of action steps relevant to igniting my own personal potential to implement practical life-transforming activities to minister in these days of religious turmoil in the church, in a cultural climate. intolerance in society, and in the face of economic uncertainty around the world.

Some very helpful suggestions I discovered in these power points included setting a time to “sit at the feet of Jesus” to empower myself to face the world’s distractions that come through “mass entertainment, media influence, advanced technologies and changing social structures. .”

Chironna combines a balance of Kingdom Living, emotional feelings, and intelligence throughout the book. Her writing is engaging, energizing, and empowering. Mark’s impact as a certified life coach, public speaker, author, and pastor is recognized and highly endorsed by his peers, internationally renowned Christian leaders, pastors, professional counselors, and educators.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978-0768431568

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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