• June 10, 2021

Alison Antrobus, designer of the revolutionary Antrobus bag

His studies took a complete turn when he wrote his final year thesis analyzing the synthesis between clothing and architecture.

She resides in Miami, Florida, where she is known for her various design projects, such as Prime 112; a sexy and sophisticated steakhouse and most recently Badrutt’s Place in Brickell. Badrutt’s, where high class and style meet in an extraordinary restaurant, lounge and bar of incomparable luxury, much needed in this vibrant international financial district of Miami. Alison’s design for Badrutt’s is world-class, with a NY-style bar, a Davidoff lounge, and a VIP area serving fine wines and spirits.

Alison was also recently seen in New York, as one of the hostesses at an evening event benefiting Safe Horizon, the national charity that provides assistance to victims of violent crimes, dressed in Pucci, who offered a view of his new collection. with a fashion show. also benefiting this cause. Guests were encouraged to bid in the silent auction that benefited Safe Horizon and featured two items donated by the host: Allie Munroe’s stationery (Kristen Munroe) and the Antrobus bag (Alison Antrobus).

In addition to her architectural design, Alison has launched a revolutionary bag, called the Antrobus bag. It’s no wonder this bag is so successful; it is an embodiment of her studies and returns her to her original focus: fashion. “It was my solution to always search my bag for work materials like paint chips and fabric swatches when visiting clients,” he quoted in a recent April Miami Modern Luxury Magazine interview.

It seems that Alison Antrobus is not stopping. It will be interesting to see what comes up next.

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