• November 23, 2022

Addicted Clothes (What went wrong?)

Addict Clothing, a bit of history for you below and some thoughts on the brand

We have been carrying Addict clothing since we opened in 2006, it was our main brand at the time, the product was new, well priced, great graphics and the front ranges looked really solid.

Now you look at Addict and he seems a bit stuck in a time warp, he seems to be trying to copy Carhartt, and he’s not doing a very good job, Addict sees himself as big as MHI or Stussy.

They had the potential a few years ago to be there, but they’ve increased their prices quickly and too much, with no regard to who their customer is right now, just to focus on who they want their customer to be in a few years. .

For starters, Addict used to do a great denim retail at £50, now the similar jean is £75, and prices go up to £125, for an addict jean, you must be laughing. Base jackets that were £75 are now £100, basic t-shirts were £20 now £25 and the list goes on.

SheOne produces great pieces of work and her own t shirt label was great, addict grabbed it and cursed her work, Sheone in thongs for heaven’s sake I have a print of SheOne and have always been a fan of her stuff but Addict You have confidence in the use of its all-over print on all imaginable garments.

SheOne refers to Refill magazine as “a leading cultural artist”, a world-renowned artist who has been painting and creating graphics for twenty years, exhibiting in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Berlin and Milan. All of this means that it was a choice this one for Addict Clothing when they approached SheOne to design the camouflage for them. “My initial intention was to create a metropolitan defense pattern, a camouflage that would positively position the wearer in the heavy landscape of culture. The fabric should function as a protective layer while giving off its silent graphic signal and feedback to the current social climate. “. SheOne what else can we say camo summarized in two sentences.

They have shown a lack of imagination and vision, without a Jago camo, Sheone Sterling, the range doesn’t stand out, it looks dull, dull and tired.

From a retailer point of view I hate it when brands allow retailers to build it out and then start making products that are only available on their website direct to customer customer service is non existent except James he is the type of Addict, a man from the city. , he has his own blog and he used to phone us regularly and look for new orders, but this season, 1 Call.

For next season what have we got more SheOne camo and overpriced range only thing starting the range is luggage absolutely fantastic some of the best bags I’ve seen in a long time I’m going to grab a hold for sure. Some. For next summer Addict is going back to basics which is good news less ego driven technical fabrics at £250 each and back to basics that’s a lesson Addict needs to learn go back to the beginning and stick with it simple. .

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